Vacuum Packaging Concept

Vacuum packaging Food

Vacuum packing is an excellent method of storing products, especially food.

Appropriate types of food are stored in an airless environment to prevent the growth of microorganisms which cause bacteria in food.

The vacuum environment removes atmospheric oxygen, protecting the food from spoiling by limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components.

It is also for storage of fresh foods such as vegetables, meats, and liquids such as soups in a shorter term because vacuum condition cannot stop bacteria from getting water which can promote their growth.

Vacuum packing is commonly used for long-term storage of dry foods such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, and potato chips.

Vacuum packaging delicate food items can be done by using an inert gas kit on chamber vacuum sealers. After air has been removed, an inert gas (such as nitrogen) is added to maintain the preservation of packaged food while preventing damage. An example of inert gas for packaging delicate foods is potato chips.

Freezer burn occurs when foods are frozen without preparation. It happens when the surface of the food is dehydrated, and this leads to a dried and leathery appearance.

Freezer burn also ruins the flavor and texture of foods. Vacuum packing prevents freezer burn by preventing the food from exposure to the cold, dry air.

 Vacuum packaging Components

With small components such as delicate circuit board pieces or the boards themselves, the vacuum storage stops moisture, dust and other contaminants, especially when needed in the field (outdoor operations).

Appropriate types of components are stored in an airless environment to prevent the growth of microorganisms caused from air, water and dust which cause damage like rust to metal.

Vacuum packaging food can extend its life by up to 3-5 times.

Vacuum packaging machines using plastic vacuum pouches are invaluble for home use as well as commercial use.

How to Vacuum Pack

Chamber sealers require the entire product to be placed within the machine within a vacuum pouch.

The product in pouch is then placed in the machine, the lid is closed and air is removed.

Once the air is removed, the bag is sealed and the atmosphere within the chamber is returned back to normal.